Erasmo Carlos shows improvement in health, but remains hospitalized with Covid | Rio de Janeiro

The state of health of singer Erasmo Carlos is evolving well, according to the medical report released this Wednesday morning (1), after being diagnosed with Covid.

According to the spokesperson for the singer, who is hospitalized at Hospital Barra D’or, he remains hospitalized as a precaution, depending on his age and comorbidities. Erasmus remains without fever.

Erasmo Carlos celebrated 70 years of life and 50 years of career in a show at the Municipal Theater of Rio, in 2011 — Photo: Marcos Arcoverde/Estadão Conteúdo/Arquivo

The 80-year-old artist, who is with Covid, was admitted this Tuesday (31) at the Hospital Barra D’or, West Zone of Rio, to treat the disease.

In May of this year, Erasmus received the second dose of the Covid vaccine. According to epidemiologists, no vaccine is 100% effective, but the chances of a vaccinated person being infected with the virus and developing severe symptoms of the disease is much lower than that of someone who has not been vaccinated.

Maximum protection is only achieved when a large part of the population is immunized and the virus stops circulating.

Erasmo Carlos tests positive for Covid in Rio

Erasmo Carlos tests positive for Covid in Rio