Ex-BBB Thelma thanks Lula for Prouni: ‘I couldn’t even go through the university door’ | celebrities

Ex-BBB Thelma interviews Lula for her YouTube channelInternet Playback

Published 02/09/2021 09:05

São Paulo – Thelma Assis is working on the new season of “Triangulando”, a program she presents on YouTube. In this Wednesday’s edition, the ex-BBB debated social inequality in Brazil and received as guests the former president Lula, Gil do Vigor, Linn da Quebrada and Celso Athayde.

During the conversation, the winner of the “BBB 20” thanked the former president for the Prouni (University for All Program), which allowed her to attend medical school. “In 2005, I received a letter and it said that I had been awarded a 100% scholarship to attend a private medical school, PUC. At that time, the tuition cost approximately R$ 3500 and I was not even able to walk in the door of this university,” he says.

“I understand that it’s an obligation of the State, it’s not a favor of the State, but I can’t help but be grateful. If today I’m here facing you and looking into your eye, it’s because, somehow, I received an opportunity there ago”, completes the presenter of “Triangulando”.

Lula replied that he is grateful to see people like her and Gil do Vigor who managed to transform their lives with access to education. “Thelminha, actually, I’m the one who is gratified and thrilled to see people like you and people like Gil get where you guys are. The State’s role is just to open the door and give people the opportunity to dispute anything in this country,” says the former president.