Federal Police arrest man suspected of planning terrorist acts in Maringá | Policy

The Federal Police arrested this Thursday (2), in Maringá (PR), a man suspected of planning terrorist attacks. According to investigations, the target is a music teacher. His age and name were not disclosed.

The warrants for temporary arrest and search and seizure were authorized by the Federal Court of Maringá. At the home of the investigated, the PF found a 32-caliber shotgun and many simulated weapons.

The operation was named Trastejo – a reference to a defect in the neck of a string instrument, which causes problems in the emission of sound.

According to the PF, the man had “direct contact with Islamic radicals abroad, expressing his intention to travel to other countries such as Iraq, and join terrorist organizations.” The penalties for the crimes can reach 30 years in prison.

“In addition, the investigated circulated videos in groups on the Internet in which, while hooded, he displayed weapons, ammunition, radio communicator, US dollar bills, among other items, uttering extremist content and expressing a desire to carry out suicide innocents in an action” , informed the PF in a note.

The PF also said that the suspect had training in the handling of weapons, “which may, at any time or opportunity, close the cycle for the consummation of a terrorist act.”

Also according to investigations, the suspect has already been convicted of illegal possession of a firearm and attempted robbery. He is also responsible for attempted murder and drug possession.

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