FGTS birthday withdrawal begins to be released to a new group of workers; see who receives up to R$2.9 thousand

O FGTS birthday withdrawal (Guarantee Fund for Length of Service) has already started to be properly deposited for those who adhered to the modality. This deadline, which concerns workers who were born in September, will continue until November 30, 2021. Those who have not yet joined the FGTS birthday withdrawal, in turn, will be able to carry out the procedure via website or app.

However, it is noteworthy that there are consequences for those who request an early part of the FGTS. This is because, with joining the modality, workers lose the right to withdraw the full amount from the accounts in the event of unfair dismissal. In our article, you can check more details about the release of the FGTS birthday withdrawal.

FGTS birthday withdrawal

The withdrawal-anniversary of the FGTS was released this Wednesday, 01/09, for workers born in September who joined the fund’s modality. All recipients will have the right to withdraw until November 30, 2021. According to the Ministry of Economy, around R$ 16.5 billion have already been withdrawn through the withdrawal-anniversary of the FGTS.

And how does the modality work? The FGTS birthday withdrawal guarantees the possibility of withdrawing part of the value present in the fund’s active account. From the beginning of its implementation, workers can redeem the money in a backward calculation logic. For example: whoever has a balance of up to R$500 in the account, this way, will be able to withdraw 50% of the amount.

Those with a balance between R$500.01 and R$1,000, following the regressive logic, can withdraw up to 40%. To join the FGTS birthday withdrawal, interested parties can access the FGTS application or the fund’s website. Through the app, you will need to download “My FGTS”, login and find the option “Withdrawal-Anniversary”.

During the procedure, it will be possible to simulate the amount to be withdrawn by the employee, considering the balance present in the account. In case of regret, there is a period of up to 24 months to cancel the membership to the modality. Even because the migration to the loot-birthday is optional.