FGTS profit is now available in the workers’ account

The profit of the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Employees) for the year 2020 was R$ 8,129 million, transferred to the accounts of all Brazilian workers. Caixa Econômica Federal closed on Tuesday (24) the distribution of values. 88.6 million workers were benefited.

Workers who had a balance in the FGTS at the end of December last year were awarded the transfer. Thus, for every R$100, an additional R$1.86 was received.

Follow some simulations

  • Balance of BRL 100 – You will receive BRL 1.86
  • Balance of BRL 1,000 – You will receive BRL 18.64
  • Balance of BRL 3,000 – You will receive BRL 55.89
  • Balance of BRL 5,000 – You will receive BRL 93.15
  • Balance of BRL 10,000 – You will receive BRL 186.30

Will you be able to withdraw the amount?

It will not be possible to withdraw the amount, it can only be withdrawn under normal conditions, according to the program rule:

  1. Dismissal without just cause by the employer;
  2. Termination by agreement between employer and employee;
  3. For home purchase;
  4. To complement payment for property purchased through a consortium;
  5. To complement payment for financed property (by the SFH – Housing Finance System);
  6. Termination for termination of contract for a specified period;
  7. By closing the company: valid in case of partial or total extinction of the company or establishment;
  8. Termination for reciprocal fault (employer and employee) or force majeure (if the company is hit by fire or flood, for example);
  9. Termination by retirement;
  10. In case of natural disasters such as floods or gales;
  11. If a self-employed worker, employed through a professional association, is suspended for a period equal to or greater than 90 days;
  12. For workers who are 70 years of age or older;
  13. HIV-positive workers or dependents;
  14. Workers or dependents diagnosed with cancer;
  15. Workers or dependents who are terminally ill because of a serious illness;
  16. Employees who stay three years in a row or more without working with a formal contract;
  17. In the event of the worker’s death, judicially recognized dependents and heirs can make the withdrawal.
  18. birthday withdrawal

The distribution of FGTS profit began in 2016, with a percentage of 50%, the following year, the transfer was the same. In 2018, for the first and only time, the transfer was made in full.

The FGTS Board of Trustees started to define in 2019, the distribution percentage. That year it was 66.2%. In 2021, the distribution was 96% considering the profit of 8.46 million.

How to check the balance

You can check the FGTS balance in the following ways:

accessing the FGTS app, available for Android and iOS phones. It will also be possible to consult the statement through Caixa’s website.

For those who cannot make the consultation over the internet, they will be able to do so by going to a Caixa Econômica Federal branch. At the service desk, ask for the FGTS statement on paper every two months, at the registered address. If you have changed your address, go to a Caixa branch or call 0800-726-0101 and inform the new address