Fiat and Jeep dominate and Onix drops to 65th place; see August ranking – 09/01/2021

The ranking of car and light commercial sales in August was marked by the small presence of compact hatches among the top ten and the good performance of the Chevrolet S10. In addition, the Stellantis Group (Fiat, Jeep, Ram, Citroën and Peugeot) occupied six of the top ten positions among the most sold.

The first three positions belong to Fiat. Strada led, with Argo in second place and Mobi in third. The Jeep Compass took fourth place. Only in fifth position is a model that is not produced by the Stellantis Group. This is the Hyundai HB20.

Stellantis, mainly through the Fiat and Jeep brands, is the automaker that has been gaining the most space in the current Brazilian and world economic scenario. The semiconductor shortage crisis has shaken many automakers, especially Chevrolet, which has seen its leading position disappear.

The Onix, which for many years was the best-selling car in Brazil, came in 65th place in the August sales ranking. The hatch production was paralyzed for months – the resumption was announced this month – because of the lack of semiconductors.

The Stellantis Group knew how to deal better with this crisis, which had little effect on its production capacity. It is true that some items were no longer offered, such as the Jeep Compass Longitude sunroof, for example. However, according to sources linked to the company, one of the assets is the ability to negotiate with the head office.

The Brazilian subsidiary is fundamental to the Stellantis Group, mainly because of Fiat. This gives scope for greater success in negotiating the supply of semiconductors with the group’s headquarters.

Hatches in low

The three compact hatchbacks that appear among the top three are the Argo, the HB20 and the Mobi. Former members of this list, such as Onix, Polo and Gol, were left behind. This shows that the market is increasingly dominated by SUVs and pickup trucks.

In the top ten list, there are the Compass, Renegade, T-Cross and Crete SUVs. Among the pickup trucks, appear the Strada, Toro and S10. The fall of compact hatchbacks is not the lack of semiconductors as the main factor, although this has fully affected the Onix.

This scenario is further encouraged by the economic situation in Brazil, a crisis accentuated by the pandemic. Compact hatches were already losing ground before the slowdown caused by covid-19.

With the pandemic, the situation of customers of this type of model got even worse. Prices soared, and household incomes declined. Inflation affects all sectors and causes constant increases in food prices.

In this context, the consumer of compact hatchbacks is not changing cars as they used to, or are opting for used cars with longer usage time – because used cars are also quite expensive.

S10 in evidence and ranking of medium SUVs

If the situation is not very good for Chevrolet, one of its models saved the month and got a position in the ranking of the top ten. This vehicle is the S10 pickup, which in addition to being the 10th best-selling in August, took first place among the medium-sized pickup trucks made on chassis – the Toro, cheaper and smaller, has a passenger car base and is not a direct competitor .

The S10 had 4,798 licensed units, compared to 4,363 for the traditional leader, Toyota Hilux. In this group, the third most successful was the Ford Ranger, with 2,180 units. The segment is also formed by Volkswagen Amarok, Nissan Frontier and Mitsubishi L200.

Among the medium SUVs, a segment that had two important launches this year, the Toyota Corolla Cross continues to make its mark, but it is no longer a threat to Compass. The Jeep had 6,819 licenses in August, compared to 4,789 for the rival, who was second in the lead.

In the general market, the Compass was the fourth best seller and the Corolla, the 11th. The Caoa Chery Tiggo 8 did very well in August and took third place in the medium SUV segment, totaling 1,383 units sold.

The Toyota SW4 appears in fourth place. The Volkswagen Taos, which together with the Corolla Cross is the greatest launch of the category in 2021, took fifth place.

Top ten best-selling cars in August

1st Fiat Strada – 9,111
2nd Fiat Argo – 7,711
3rd Fiat Mobi – 7,538
4th Jeep Compass – 6,815
5th Hyundai HB20 – 6,795
6th Jeep Renegade – 6,710
7th Volkswagen T-Cross – 6,698
8th Fiat Toro – 6,685
9th Hyundai Crete – 4,822
10th Chevrolet S10 – 4,798