FIB Bank was cited by those involved in Juiz de Fora ‘shooting case’

FIB Bank was cited by those involved in the Juiz de Fora shooting case

Reproduction/TV Globo; Civil Police/Disclosure

THE FIB Bank, company that provided a bogus letter of guarantee for Need Medicines, was cited by the entrepreneur Flávio de Souza Guimarães, from Grupo AJC, in the episode involving a shootout between security guards and police in the parking lot of the Monte Sinai hospital, in Juiz de Fora.

The episode took place a little over a month after Adélio Bispo stabbed Jair Bolsonaro and gained national repercussion.

After investigations, the Civil Police concluded that the exchange of fire, which killed a police officer and the owner of a security company, was the result of an attempted coup involving a swindler from Minas Gerais named Antonio Vilela.

In short, Flávio was looking for a million dollar loan for his company and would give some land as collateral. When the money was handed over, however, it was found that there were thousands of counterfeit bills mixed with real bills, amounting to almost 15 million reais.

In his statement to the Police, the businessman said that the name of Antonio Vilela (who introduced himself as Antonio Vasconcelos) had been indicated to him by a “FIB Bank market consultant”, called “Pericles”.

According to him, Vilela “made loans to companies in the form of a Credit Investment Fund (FDIC), including exchange of trade notes”. He also said that he would pledge properties of the business group – a system that resembles the one used by FIB Bank to “guarantee” third-party debts.

Vilela, in turn, told the Civil Police that “I was negotiating with Flávio” it’s that he “I was going to spend fake money because Flávio had contact with someone from FIB Bank, which is a bank (sic) that they didn’t get much information about, and that this bank would bear twenty-five million counterfeit reais”.

Covid’s CPI suspects that Marcos Tolentino is the real owner of FIB Bank and that he has influenced the deal with the Ministry of Health, due to his relationship with Ricardo Barros.

The businessman did not attend the testimony scheduled for today, alleging health problems. But last night, he gave an exclusive interview to The Antagonist and looked fine. The recording ended up interrupted by technical problems.

Tolentino was unable to clarify the power of attorney –– with unlimited powers – which it has had since 2017 to act on behalf of Benetti Prestação de Serviços, a company that is at the top of the corporate chain that integrates FIB Bank.

A little while ago, Randolfe Rodrigues said that Tolentino acted in bad faith. Omar Aziz received a phone call from the president of Sírio do Lebanês and stated that the clinical director will do a medical board to evaluate the case.

Apparently, there is much more to be cleared up.

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