Fire tornado is a registered wildfire in California; watch | World

A fire tornado formed as firefighters tried to control a wildfire in California, the state fire protection department (CalFire) reported on Sunday (29).

The fire tornado phenomenon (nicknamed fired in English) was registered in Riverside County (see the video above), which is located between the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego.

Fire tornado is recorded in California on August 29, 2021 — Photo: Reproduction

Fire tornadoes happen when a draft of cold air enters the top of a column of hot air caused by the flames, causing a whirlpool similar to what arises when an “ordinary” tornado is formed.

The Chaparral fire, as it has been called, remains active this Wednesday (1st) and has lasted for four days. It consumed about 580 hectares of forest, according to an estimate by the fire department.

Fire in Riverside County, California — Photo: G1 World

California is going through a strong heat and drought season, and has registered, since the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, at least 6,900 fires according to CalFire.

Residents of the area near the Cleveland National Forest had to leave their homes, a measure that affected at least 11,000 people, according to a US census taken in 2010.

CalFire Helicopter Attempts to Control California Forest Fire Aug 29, 2021 — Photo: Cindy Yamanaka/The Orange County Register via AP