Flamengo stays in the flirt, and David Luiz waits to move to assess his return to Brazil | Flamengo

The Flamengo fans eagerly await a “yes” from David Luiz, and David Luiz awaits an official proposal from Flamengo to decide whether or not to return to Brazilian football.

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David Luiz awaits Flamengo’s official proposal — Photo: Reuters

Flirting through business owners has not yet become an official dating request and extends the soap opera, even with the end of the transfer window. At the same time that the expressions of affection on social networks sensitize David Luiz to the possibility of defending a club with which he has never had a relationship, there is concern that the impression that the player treats Flamengo as a last option is not left.

David Luiz maintains his fitness in Juiz de Fora, where his family lives, and knows the rubro-negro desire to count on his football. Since last week, Marcos Braz has intensified contacts with his manager, Giuliano Bertolucci, waiting for a business opportunity, but he did not put an offer on paper with values ​​and length of contract.

Flamengo understands that there is no way to fight financially with the European market and is waiting for a positive signal that the defender wants to return to Brazil to advance. As long as a proposal is not made official, however, the relationship will not be more than a crush.

At 34, David Luiz left Arsenal in May and is carefully analyzing his next career step. Benfica, a club with which they have great identification and a great relationship with Jorge Jesus, seemed a natural destiny, but with 24 hours to go before the end of the Champions League group stage entries, negotiations did not go ahead.

David Luiz also had official searches from Olympique de Marseille and clubs in the Middle East, all declined. It remains to be seen if Flamengo will make the formal invitation or if he will wink from a distance.