For the first time, Bianca Andrade exhibits a reaction after a pregnancy leak: “Very absurd!”

The influencer published the record in her documentary ‘Mãe Na Real’

By: Laís Mylla | September 1st – 3:47 pm

After having her pregnancy revealed early on social networks by Léo Dias, Bianca Andrade, better known as ‘Boca Rosa’, launched a documentary about her experience with motherhood, entitled ‘Mãe Na Real’.

In the first episode, the influencer showed her reaction shortly after being told that the news about her pregnancy had been released in the media, even before Bianca broke the news to her family: “[…] I don’t believe people can’t respect the one moment in a woman’s life that she needs secrecy, she needs empathy. It’s the first time I’ve gotten pregnant, my head is racing. […] I didn’t tell my dad or my family, just my mom. I don’t even know what to do, I don’t have 3 months [de gestação] yet. It’s very absurd! Does the press have a limit? Don’t people talk about other people’s mental health? Don’t people have a rule? […] I don’t know if the baby is 100% healthy, it’s less than 3 months old”, she tells her press agent.

On her Youtube channel, the influencer commented more deeply on what happened and the content moved internet users on social networks. Check out the full episode:

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