Gaby Amarantos goes viral with the expression ‘kissing the lawn’

Kissing the lawn? Singer Gaby Amarantos, 43, was one of the main topics at the end of tonight, after using the expression during “Saia Justa” (GNT).

Asked by the presenter Astrid Fontenelle about what made her more “triggered” at the time of sex, Gaby joked and said that “if you don’t kiss the lawn, you don’t score”.

The expression not only made the other program participants laugh, it was also successful on twitter.

structural racism

During the program, Gaby also spoke about structural racism. The subject came up while skirts were debating with the guest of the day, Paola Carosella, about taking a shit home or answering a criticism.

“Going through racism, the person will have an answer. And I have a new tactic. I try to come with a certain embarrassment, make the person feel embarrassed, you know? And this is very necessary. Because it’s difficult to reach out to the person and say ‘you already stopped to think that this is shit’. And this discomfort is good for good discussions,” said Gaby Amarantos

The singer amended a little outburst on the subject.

We have to respond, always, on time. What I try to do, teach my children to respond, defends itself. When I suffered racism at school, people came and talked, today is the whispering is a laugh, it’s you isolating a child, it’s exclusion. You have to teach with a lot of intelligence, attention and make the child start knowing how to respond from an early age. But how do you teach this to a child?”

Gaby also said that she always tries to teach her son and niece that they live “in a very racist country”.