Gaby Amarantos talks about sex: ‘If you don’t kiss the lawn, you don’t score’ | Television

Gaby Amarantos at ‘Saia Justa’reproduction

Published 02/09/2021 10:25

Rio – Gaby Amarantos used an expression that hit social media on Wednesday night, during the GNT program “Saia Justa”. This Wednesday’s show addressed triggers in sex and it was when talking about this subject that Gaby used the expression that went viral on the web.

“You have to kiss the lawn. If you don’t kiss the lawn, there won’t be a goal,” said Gaby when answering what left her with “triggers” in sex. “Kissing the lawn was the pinnacle,” commented one person on Twitter. “Today Saia Justa is awesome. Laughing horribly. That slang kissing the lawn I didn’t know,” said another person. “You have to kiss the lawn… The wisdom of Gaby Amarantos”, joked someone else.