Gas vouchers can be granted from November

Like Emergency Assistance close to being closed, the population served by the program fears that they will be left helpless. The benefit has been available since 2020, but is expected to end permanently in October this year.

Therefore, the government of several Brazilian states is creating their own programs as well as their own allowances. Among the initiatives released and implemented in some regions of the country, Vale-gás stands out.

About Vale-Gas

Due to the increase in the prices of basic products, including cooking gas, the Federal Government has been evaluating proposals to reduce the economic impacts for families in poverty and extreme poverty.

In this sense, a national gas aid would be one of the ideal suggestions to maintain minimal access to basic conditions for citizens in a situation of social vulnerability.

So far, the technical team intends to release the gas-aid families registered in the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico) every two months. The intention is to enable the purchase of 13 kg gas cylinders.

Gas tickets in Brazil Aid

Brazil Aid will replace the family allowance, which currently includes 14.6 million people. As it is a supercharged version of the social program, the Government intends to increase its number of beneficiaries to 18.6 million.

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In addition, the expectation is that the new project will grant an average salary higher than the current one, from R$192 to around R$300. For this, the administrative team intends to implement new allowances to be made available.

Regarding gas assistance, it may be included in the list of benefits offered by the Brazil Aid. According to the president of the republic, Jair Bolsonaro, the gas voucher can reach the value of R$120.00, paid every two months.

Although there are many statements about both proposals, so far neither has been actually confirmed. However, it is important to be aware of the news about the program, which is scheduled to be released in November.

Financing of proposals

The Federal Government is investing in the PEC of precatório to enable the launch of the Auxílio Brasil. If approved by the National Congress, the funds to be used will originate outside the federal spending ceiling.

As for the gas voucher, according to information, Petrobras has a reserve in the amount of R$3 billion, enough to fund the proposal. But according to the president, the final conditions are still being negotiated due to the private participation of the state-owned company.

For the researcher and economist at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Daniel Duque, the poverty rate increased in 23 Brazilian states, including the Federal District. According to the data obtained by the research, this increase is due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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