Globo states that its unvaccinated employees may be fired – 09/01/2021 – Illustrated

Globo sent an email to its employees informing that those who decide not to be vaccinated may be dismissed from the company.

According to the message, vaccination against Covid-19 becomes mandatory, with the exception of workers who cannot receive the vaccine for medical reasons. The justification is that non-vaccination can impact and endanger the health of other employees.

In the United States, the measure was taken by companies such as Walmart, Google, Netflix, Uber, McDonald’s, Disney, United Airlines, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Ford and General Motors, according to BBC News Brasil.

In early August, US CNN announced that it had fired three employees who attended the company’s offices without being vaccinated. Also there, Netflix started to require both actors and technical staff to prove their immunization so that they could enter the film sets and other work environments.

In Brazil, the right to refuse to take a vaccine has already reached the Labor Court, and, for now, there are decisions in favor of dismissal for just cause.

According to lawyers, the topic is still new, delicate and must be treated with care by companies. The mere refusal or delay in seeking vaccination, when available, does not automatically set the conditions for just cause, they say.

Datalawyer survey for the sheet shows that 2,704 labor lawsuits are already discussing, in the initial requests, dismissal for just cause related to the refusal of the vaccine.