Google Chrome 93 brings improvements to online apps and more news

Google released this Tuesday (31) the stable version of Chrome 93, which arrives bringing several improvements to the browser. The news is being made available on the computer browser and also on mobile devices.

Increasingly similar to native software, web applications are among the items that have received the most changes, gaining multi-screen support, for example. In apps that have multiple windows, like the GIMP image editor, the user can place each window in specific places on devices with two or more screens.

The new version of Chrome also promises to make life easier for those who use two-factor authentication. When receiving a code via SMS on the phone, the browser can automatically sync it to the desktop, as long as both devices are connected to the same Google account.

Changes to the search engine are being implemented.Changes to the search engine are being implemented.Source: Android Police/Reproduction

There’s even a new mobile search interface, displaying results in a strip just below the address bar, and personalized cards for sharing selected texts. Opening associated web applications by clicking a link and removing 3DES encryption support are also present in the update.

Material You and other news

Elements of Material You, new visual identity associated with Android 12, which creates a custom theme, are also noticeable in the Chrome update. They appear in the browser’s status bar, settings and tabs, among other parts.

Improvements to the recently closed page menu and tab sharing, new Android widgets inspired by iOS design, and support for the SVG image format are some of the other new features. They vary depending on the system on which the browser is installed.

Updating to Google Chrome 93 happens automatically as soon as the build arrives on your device. You can check the current version in the “Help” menu, then click on “About Google Chrome”.