Governador do Ceará announces 1st green hydrogen plant in Brazil in partnership with EDP, in Pecém

The Governor of Ceará, Camilo Santana (PT), announces a green hydrogen plant in partnership with EDP Energias do Brasil S/A in the Pecém Complex, live on social networks this Wednesday, September 1st. It will be the first green hydrogen plant in Brazil, to be installed in the State, in an area of ​​the Export Processing Zone (ZPE Ceará).

Camilo Santana announced this afternoon, together with names such as João Marques, CEO of EDP Brasil, one of the largest private companies in the electricity sector operating in the entire value chain, the first investment, of R$ 41.9 million, in hydrogen green, in Ceará. As the first production plant of this type of hydrogen in Brazil, the project serves as a pilot for new investments in the State.

EDP ​​is the one who operates the Pecém thermoelectric plant, generating around 740 megawatts (MW), almost half of Ceará’s energy consumption, formalizing more than 350 direct jobs in Porto do Pecém. The new plant has a capacity of 3 MW and a state-of-the-art electrolyser module for fuel production with a guarantee of renewable origin, with the perspective of starting operations in December 2022.

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