Government announces drones and helicopters to combat cable theft on the Supervia; Japeri extension again has delays | Rio de Janeiro

for the fourth consecutive day, the Japeri branch had irregular breaks this Thursday morning (2) — again, according to Supervia, due to cable theft.

  • Between Japeri and Nova Iguaçu – Interval extended to 20 minutes
  • Between Nova Iguaçu and Central do Brasil – Interval extended to 10 minutes

There were special departures at Nova Iguaçu Station, unlike the other days this week.

Drone images capture two people on the Supervia railway line — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Lt. Col. Ivan Blaz, a PM spokesman, explained that the drones will operate with infrared. “We are going to make our aircraft and drones available to this service so that we can view the most sensitive points on the rail network,” he said.

The PM has already made overflights with a drone on the railway. The equipment caught two people wrongly on the rails.

Felipe Curi, director of the Specialized Police Department, added the importance of “intelligence and investigation work”. We have already passed on to the Military Police the main possible points of actions by the receivers: scrap metals and large recycling companies”, he detailed.

“The objective is to prevent vandalism, such as theft of cables and equipment at Supervia stations. Starting tonight, there will be overt policing in and around the train stations. Altogether, 200 military police will act to reinforce security”, says the government note.

In parallel, the Legislative Assembly (Alerj) approved, on Wednesday (1), a bill that requires the Delegacia de Serviços Delegados to be responsible for investigations into cable thefts. The proposal still depends on the sanction of Governor Cláudio Castro (PL).

  • 862 trips suspended in six months;
  • 2 million passengers harmed;
  • 335 thefts of signaling and power cables in 2020;
  • in 2021, thefts were repeated 364 times;
  • more than R$1 million spent on the purchase of material to replace equipment;
  • only 137 security employees, which means that the company has only one security worker per station;
  • a military policeman to patrol a station and a half and about 4 kilometers of railway
  • Supervia accumulates a debt of around R$1.2 billion.

Stolen cable on the railway. Supervia lost R$2.7 million with this type of crime alone in the first half of the year — Photo: Disclosure/ Supervia