Grey’s Anatomy will be removed from Amazon Prime Video, Globoplay and Netflix; understand the reason

The American series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ will be completely removed from the Netflix, Globoplay and Amazon Prime Video streaming services. This is because it will be exclusive to the new Star+ platform, which debuted in Brazil this Tuesday (31).

The series is produced by broadcaster ABC, which is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, which owns Star+. Grey’s Anatomy will be off Prime Video’s schedule first on September 15th.

There is still no set date for her to leave Netflix and Globoplay. Since Disney+ arrived in Brazil, The Walt Disney Company has started to remove its content from competing platforms to bring more subscribers to its services.

Another series that will leave Amazon Prime Video is ‘How I Met Your Mother’, which will leave the service in September but has no confirmed date yet. The comedy will also come out because of the launch of Star+.

The spinoff series ‘How I Met Your Father’ is being developed by Hulu, which is also part of The Walt Disney Company, and will be released on Star+, but there is still no confirmed date for its debut in Brazil.