Halo Infinite can now be preloaded!

Taking advantage that Gamescom 2021 brought some news about Infinite Halo, Microsoft is still working on promoting one of its main franchises, and now it’s even possible to pre-install the game if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber!

Or almost that. After all, if you click on the game window on your PC or console, the machine will only download 280.2mb of content, not the full package of files, which should only be released in the future.

Developed by 343 Industries, Infinite Halo It has already had its system requirements released on PC and, although its creators have considered the possibility of postponing its release once again, it has already been confirmed that it will be available on December 8th for PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. Check out his latest trailer:

While the lack of campaign-focused trailers worries some fans, the game’s creative director confirmed that it’s already complete and that the team is just busy polishing the product and fixing bugs before launch.

Thus, free to play multiplayer and single player history are almost with us, and the campaign will only receive support for cooperative mode at some point in the future. What are you thinking of the disclosure and information from Infinite Halo so far? Are you going to play the new Master Chief day one adventure? Comment below!

Image: Sign up for the Xbox Game Pass
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