“He comes on a stretcher, but he will come,” says Omar Aziz, about Tolentino’s coercive driving

“He comes on a stretcher, but he will come,” says Omar Aziz, about Tolentino's coercive driving

Reproduction / Antagonist Chat

Covid’s CPI president, Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), defended the coercive conduct of lawyer Marcos Tolentino, who is appointed as a hidden partner of FIB Bank, the company that granted a guarantee of BRL 80 million in the contract of Need Medicines to supply the Covaxin vaccine.

Despite this, the CPI intends to wait for Tolentino’s recovery to mark his testimony. The initial expectation is that he will speak in the third week of september.

“He comes on a stretcher, but he will come [depor]”, said Omar Aziz.

“He is a fraudster. Won’t he cheat a disease? Marcos Tolentino is that citizen who owns a bank, which is not a bank, who has capital of R$7.5 billion in land in São Paulo on land that does not exist. It is this citizen who enters on the eve of being heard”, continued Aziz.

“He tells the CPI that he was admitted to the Sírio-Libanês with tingling at 3:41 pm on Tuesday. This interview with journalist Cláudio Dantas is at 8 pm, live”, said Randolfe Rodrigues, vice president of the CPI.

Even the government senators criticized the position of Marcos Tolentino.

“He is smiling in the video. This may be due to pelvic pain”, joked senator Jorginho Mello (PL-SC).