‘He said he didn’t speak to Brazilians’

ESPN and Fox Sports reporter Edu Meneses revealed that he was knocked out by Messi after the Copa America final. In an interview with ‘Camisa 21’, on YouTube, Edu said that he waited for the Argentine striker until 1:00 am and when he found him, he received a “I don’t speak to Brazilian journalists” in reply.

“I stood there waiting, me and the cameraman. I said ‘I’m going to crown my work’. Then Messi arrived, looked at me and said [em espanhol] ‘I don’t speak to Brazilians,” the journalist reported. Edu said he remained there and took the answers Messi gave to Argentine journalists.

Pietro Delgado, from the podcast ‘Curiosities da Bola’, stated that he was with the Argentine at the Best of the World awards in 2016 and was also unable to talk to him: “He is closed off. He didn’t say a word. He was neither friendly nor unsympathetic, I’m stuck with him”.

Edu added that he managed to interview Di Maria and the coach of Argentina, Lionel Scaloni, but that with Messi he was left alone. “You there who celebrated Messi’s title, go there and try to talk to him,” joked the journalist.

Despite the joke, the journalist declared that the player was really happy to win a title with the Argentina shirt: “It seemed that he had conquered something even bigger than the Copa America, it was very beautiful”.