Health warns states that it will not give vaccines to those who do not comply with PNI rules

The Ministry of Health sent last Wednesday night (1) to all states and the Federal District a letter in which it informs that it will not guarantee vaccines to those who do not follow the rules of the National Immunization Plan (PNI).

The document says that “the Ministry of Health warns that it will not guarantee doses for states and municipalities that adopt different vaccine schemes than what is provided for in the National Plan for the Operationalization of Vaccination against Covid-19, which were defined by representatives of the three instances managers of SUS-Ministry of Health, Conass and Conasems”.

It also states that “decisions on the application of booster doses for the elderly and immunosuppressed, reduction of the interval between doses, interchangeability of vaccines, vaccination of pregnant women and adolescents, among others, are based on scientific evidence, extensive discussion among experts, scenario epidemiological, target population, availability of doses and authorization from regulatory bodies such as Anvisa.”

The document is signed by the extraordinary secretary of Confronting Covid-19, Rosana Leite de Melo.

It has two main addresses: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which have been adopting rules different from those established by the Ministry of Health. can also AstraZeneca and Janssen. São Paulo added Coronavac, which the ministry says there are studies that it would not be effective in these cases.

As for Rio, the Ministry of Health says that the dose for immunosuppressed should be administered after 28 days of the complete vaccination schedule. Rio announced that it will apply after six months.