Health will not guarantee vaccines for states that adopt “own rules”

posted on 09/01/2021 4:46 PM

  (credit: Myke Sena/MS)

(credit: Myke Sena/MS)

The Ministry of Health informed, through an official note, this Wednesday (1st/9), that it will not guarantee doses of vaccines against covid-19 for states and municipalities that adopt different vaccine schemes than those defined and recommended by National Plan for the Operationalization of Vaccination against Covid-19 (PNO).

“Changes in the recommendations of the PNO can influence the safety and efficacy of vaccines in the population and can also result in the lack of doses in the National Vaccination Plan to complete the vaccination scheme in the Brazilian population,” warned the folder.

Changes to some points agreed in the National Immunization Program (PNI) made by some states and cities have been the target of constant criticism from the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga. For him, decisions taken outside the PNI generate “heat” instead of generating “light”.

Among the minister’s latest criticisms were the decision to include teenagers in the immunization campaign against covid-19 and also the exchange of immunizations in pregnant women, actions taken by some states, without the approval of the Ministry of Health.

Last week, during a press conference, Queiroga said that there is a risk of missing doses of immunizing agents if each state follows its own rules and not the norms indicated by the folder. “If each one wants to create their own regimen, the Ministry of Health, unfortunately, will not be able to deliver doses of vaccines. We have to unite here to speak the same language. If it’s different, there will be no dose. It’s not worth going to Justice, the right to go to court is a universal and constitutional right, but the judge will not ensure a dose that does not exist,” he said.