Here are the first places that will have documents in the iOS 15 Wallet app – MacMagazine

After announcing news on the app Portfolio (“old one” Wallet) at WWDC21, Apple today detailed that the US states do Arizona and of the Georgia will be the first to support drivers’ licenses and IDs on devices starting with iOS 15. According to the company, six other US states will offer the function soon (Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah).

In a statement, Apple said the security points of the Transport Safety Administration (Transportation Security Administration, TSA) at participating airports will be the initial locations where users can present documents on the iPhone or Apple Watch.

The company also said the feature was designed with privacy and security in mind. As we’ve already explained, when adding a driver’s license or ID to the Wallet app, users will need to take a face photo, which will be securely sent to the issuing state for verification.

As an added measure, Apple stated that users will be asked to perform a series of facial and head movements during the registration process, much like setting up Face ID.

iOS 15: Documents in the Wallet app

When you bring your device closer to a reader, you will see a window similar to the one we see in an App Store purchase confirmation displaying the detailed information being requested by TSA.

Only after authorization, with Face ID or Touch ID, they will be released from the device, according to Apple. Users do not need to unlock, show or even hand over the device to a security officer to present the documents.