Honda 500 2022 line brings news in cycling and engine; see what has changed – 09/01/2021

The trio of Honda 500 cc models, the CB 500F, the CB 500 X and the CBR 500R received updates on the 2022 model. The engine, on the other hand, received a new adjustment in the electronic injection and, according to the Japanese brand, offers more power in medium revolutions, in addition to greater torque in the range between 3,000 and 7,000 rpm.

It is worth noting that the changes were announced for the 500 cc line sold in Europe – here in Brazil, the CBR 500R stopped being marketed about three years ago. However, both the naked CB 500F and the crossover CB 500X are Honda’s global models and, therefore, should also be updated for the Brazilian market. The changes may not arrive here in the 2022 model, but they will inevitably be adopted the following year.

Another curiosity is that, in Europe, the 500cc Hondas are less powerful than the motorcycles sold in Brazil. In the Old Continent, all of them have 47.59 hp of maximum power, now at 8,600 rpm. This happens so that the models can be driven by those who have the A2 license, for motorcycles up to 35 kW, or 47.59 hp. The models sold in Brazil, CB 500F and CB 500X, offer 50.4 hp in 2021. And they can become more powerful when updates also arrive in the country.

New suspensions and brakes

Derived from the medium displacement tetracylindrical CB 650R and CBR 650R, the new Showa SFF-BP inverted graph with 41 mm diameter tubes is the main innovation of the 500 cc trio front train.

Honda CB 500F 2022 - Disclosure - Disclosure

Honda CB 500F 2022 also has a new rear scale and five-spoke Y-shaped wheels, both lighter

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In theory, the inverted suspension is lighter and more progressive in operation, thus improving handling. The models also received a new, lighter rear scale with more torsional resistance.

The fork is complemented by five-spoke alloy wheels on the CB500F and CBR500R (previously there were six), but the change is actually in the two 296mm diameter daisy-shaped discs and Nissin radial calipers. Currently, Honda’s 500cc motorcycles use a single disc and conventional caliper.

CB 500X 2022 - Disclosure - Disclosure

Honda CB 500X 2022: crossover also gained inverted suspension, with 150 mm travel, and double disc at the front; wheel is 19”

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The CB500X, with its more adventurous styling, shares the same updated brake and suspension configuration as its sisters, but has even greater front fork travel (150mm) and a larger, lighter, 19-inch wheel.

New colors and graphics

The models also bring new options for colors and graphics – remembering that the new colors are for the European market, but they may come to Brazil. The naked CB 500F will be available in three new colors: pearl gray, matte gray and pearl yellow.

Honda CB 500X 2022 - Disclosure - Disclosure

Honda CB 500X 2022 won green color option

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The adventurer CB 500X receives two new colors for 2022: metallic black kill gunpowder, kind of matte black, and an elegant pearly green. The models will also be available in Honda’s classic metallic red scheme.