Honda changes the CB 500 line to 2022… In Europe

Honda’s 500 line may not be much remembered in Brazil, but the double CB 500F and 500X offer a balanced package for the segments, respectively, of the nakeds and medium displacement adventurers. Here we don’t have it, but in other markets there is still the sporty CBR 500R as well.

The trio plays a key role in Europe, where they are limited to 35 kW (47.59 hp). There, this is the maximum power that the government allows drivers to drive with an A2 license, intermediate and one above the beginner (A1), with which only motorcycles up to 15 hp or 125 cm³ can be used. Around here, the engine delivers 50.2 hp. Although different in proposal, the three use the same propellant and share components.

Now Honda has announced the 2022 range for the CB 500F, CB 500X and CBR 500R. Among the changes common to the three bikes, the brand undertook a change in the electronic injection programming to, according to the company, improve the responses in medium rotations during accelerations, without increasing the total power.

The look of the three was also slightly revamped, but the main changes were in the cycling. The front suspension now features an inverted telescopic fork with a gold finish, while the rear has received a new revised balance for the elastic frame. The wheels also gained a new design and became lighter. Today, equipped with a single disc brake at the front, the CB 500F, CB 500X and CBR 500R will now have a double disc as of the 2022 line.

Within the 500 family, the CBR 500R is the one that brings the most sporty setting. Despite being virtually identical to the CB 500F, it has the important fairings to improve aerodynamics at high speeds. The CB 500X 2022 is the one that has the most changes compared to its two “sisters”. At the front, its front wheel is bigger, reaching 19 inches. The front suspension has more travel, reaching 150 mm. All this to better serve your adventurous proposal.

So far, Honda has not announced when the new CB 500 will arrive in Europe, nor its official prices. What we know for sure, however, is that Honda do Brasil still has no forecast to bring such improvements to the two bikes from this family that are offered here.

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