How new rules seek to increase the security of digital transactions via Pix

Blocking transfer times, limiting values ​​and even choosing recipients are among new measures that the Central Bank (BC) recently announced in an attempt to improve the security of digital transactions via Pix. With almost 300 million keys registered in less than a year, Pix is ​​already widely used by the Brazilian population. While facilitating banking operations, the tool also increased the risk of fraud in digital environments.

In this episode of and there is more, Carol Nogueira takes stock of the changes announced by BC and of care that can help contain the recent increase in the number of scams and crimes involving digital transactions. Participating in this episode are the executive director of innovation, products and banking services at Febraban, Leandro Vilain, and the specialist in consumer law João Vasconcellos Neto, member of the OAB-SP/Santos committee that deals with the matter.

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