Hurricane Ida causes chaos and death in New York; watch videos

The passage of hurricane Ida through New York and New Jersey caused the death of at least nine people and flooding of streets and subways on Wednesday night, 1.

Among the victims are a two-year-old child and his parents, who were unable to leave their apartment in the basement of a building in the Queens neighborhood.

New York subway

Credit: Reproduction/TwitterThe station between 28th and 7th Avenue in New York was completely flooded

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul and the city’s mayor, Blasio’s Bill, declared a state of emergency. It is estimated that rains and floods have affected nearly 20 million people.

Streets became impassable in the neighborhoods of Manhattan, Bronx and Queens.

Hurricane Ida also caused hundreds of flights to be canceled at New York’s three main airports – Newark, LaGuardia and JFK.

New York Subway flooded

The images of some flooded New York subway stations are frightening. The most impressive are from the station between 28th and 7th Avenues. Watch below:

Many passengers had to be rescued from inside the trains, which were also flooded.
The commuter train network was also affected. Metro-North Railroad has completely suspended all rail service on all lines for safety reasons and the Long Island Rail Road service has been discontinued.

New York dawned with virtually every subway line paralyzed.

Hurricane Ida has already caused a trail of destruction in the southern United States, particularly the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. At least six people died and many lost their homes.

New Yprk subway

Credit: Reproduction/TwitterNew York dawned with virtually every subway line paralyzed.

Nearly 1.2 million homes are still without electricity in six states this Thursday, 2, according to the website, which compiles the power outages in the US.

With 230 km/h winds, the Ida was the 5th strongest hurricane in history to hit the continent, according to the Associated Press news agency.

Watch more videos of the chaos in New York after Hurricane Ida: