“I decided to fight”, confesses Marcelo Serrado after losing 8kg in the pandemic

Globo actor Marcelo Serrado, on the air with a rerun of Pega Pega at seven, made an outburst on social media this Tuesday (8/31), and moved his followers. The 54-year-old artist posed shirtless and said he lost 8kg. He revealed that he experienced a difficult time during the Covid-19 pandemic, with panic attacks and problems with anxiety.

“This photo is to encourage you. In the midst of this pandemic, I had panic attacks and anxiety. I almost succumbed, but I decided to fight and I went to take care of myself! You can also lose weight, eat well, exercise on that early morning when it rains and you get lazy! Fight against chocolate or evening bread. It’s not easy, no, but take care of yourself”, warned Serrado. “I thank those who started the work with me and made me lose 8 kilos”, he continued.


Many people manifested themselves in the publication, including friends from the art world. “Dude, buddy! I was expecting a #tbt at the end of the subtitle. It’s too much! Congratulations for your focus and dedication”, commented in the photo actress Nanda Costa, who is also in the cast of Pega Pega. “It rocked! Saradão,” said Dani Suzuki. “Good! But dark chocolate can, right?”, joked Gabriel O Pensador. “Gatão”, amended Eriberto Leão.