‘I stop making a lot of money in Brazil’

Currently living in Miami, but visiting her homeland from time to time, Anitta is increasingly committed to making her international career take off. In an interview on YouTube with Brazilian businesswoman Maris Raffa, who also lives in the United States, the singer revealed that she has been failing to make a lot of money in Brazil because of the investments she has been making abroad.

“The biggest obstacle to an international career is giving up what you already have in Brazil. I stop earning a lot of money because I have to stop my work there. You risk a career you’ve built. If you fail, they’ll say you didn’t make it and risked everything. If it doesn’t happen, I could lose everything I’ve achieved in Brazil. It takes a lot of courage,” says Poderosa.

‘I’m nobody here’

Anitta also said that she feels more prejudiced against her music in Brazil than in the United States, where she says “I’m still nobody”: “It’s no use arriving here thinking you’re great. You can’t deliver here what I deliver in Brazil . It has to start small. Here I’m nobody, I’m still starting. You can’t be headstrong and not wanting to change either. You adapt your product to the new market.”

The choice of the city of Miami to live in, according to Anitta, was not random, but strategic, both emotionally and professionally: “It is the most Brazilian city in the United States. In addition, it has very strong Latin and American markets. It is the junction of these markets, the perfect combination.”

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Anitta with Brazilian businesswoman Maris Raffa
Anitta with Brazilian businesswoman Maris Raffa Photo: reproduction/ youtube