‘I stop making a lot of money’, says Anitta on international career | celebrities

Anitta talks about an international career and life in the United States

Anitta talks about an international career and life in the United States

As much as it is a real phenomenon in Brazil, Anitta is still starting her international career. The singer has moved to the United States, already has a home in Miami, and is focusing her efforts on making a success in the North American country. She says that this is a risky strategy and that, in fact, she is failing to make money.

Anitta says that it took courage to take risks in this new professional phase, in which she returns to the beginning of her career in a certain way. “The biggest obstacle is giving up what you already have in Brazil. I stop earning a lot of money and risk a career I’ve built. If you fail, everyone will say: ‘You see, you didn’t make it’. You risk everything you’ve built. If it doesn’t happen, you lose what you have there too, you have to be very brave,” says the funkeira in an interview with the YouTube channel Maris Raffa.

The singer says that “she is still nobody” in the United States and that she did not move abroad with the intention of working as if she were still in Brazil. She says she understands that there is still not a big name there, so she needs to be humble and “start small”.

Miami was the city where she chose to live, but this was not a random decision. Anitta says that several factors made her move there. “I chose Miami because it has a huge community of Brazilians, so I don’t lose that feeling of Brazil. It also has a huge Latino community, so by being here you have a presence in the Latin market and you also have the American market. It’s the junction of the three markets in one place,” he says.