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In last Tuesday’s (31) edition of Ilha Record, Claudinho Matos asked Mirella Santos to “put a blow” on Nadja Pessoa during a fight between the two participants of the reality show. Angry with the comment, the digital influencer vented: “I was verbally abused”.

Nadja used Instagram’s Stories tool to assess her colleague’s statement of confinement.

“I’m so freaked out that I think that if I was assaulted as much as I was verbally assaulted there at Ilha Record, people would say they wanted to kick my ass, make me a barbecue, stick my face in the barbecue, I think that I would go straight to the hospital. Would I leave alive?”, asked the blonde this Wednesday (1st).

In the scene, Claudinho asks Mirella to attack the game’s opponent: “Put your ass in this… I’ll share the fine with you”. Through Twitter, some fans complained about the ex-MTV’s statement, and Nadja also complained about the situation. “And he even said that I’m the one who needs a psychiatrist! Look at the good guy,” joked the influencer.

The businessman’s statement was made during a fight between Nadja and Mirella. The disagreement began after the ex-Fazenda stated that the dancer does not represent women from Pernambuco. Shaken, the Sealing Twin began to cry and called her opponent a “snake”. While the two fought, the exiles watched the scene in the Cave of Exile.

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