‘I was put through a kind of macho postgraduate course,’ says Huck about gay brother

Credit: Reproduction/Instagram

Luciano Huck and Fernando Grostein (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

In a statement made in his recently released book, “De Porta em Porta”, Luciano Huck revealed to have been shocked after his brother, Fernando Grostein, revealing to be homosexual at 18 years of age. “When Fernando, at age 20, marked his position and said, ‘look, I’m gay’, this is my life, this is not a choice, this is my being, this is how I am’, I said: ‘ok ‘.”

“But at first I had a bit of a shock – for reasons that have to do with the dull, stupid and almost inhuman way in which the world dictates the rules of behavior, but also because you want the life of the person you love to be a paved road, with no potholes and little winding. In the world we live in, although this is changing, being gay still unfortunately means facing a heavy dose of prejudice”, continued the presenter.

He also said that he had many prejudices: “The ‘liberation’ started that day when Fernando showed me that we were neither as similar nor as close as I imagined. Today, I see how many years and years I was subjected to a kind of sexist post-graduation – which devastated and devastates my generation and many others – made me incapable of seeing the prejudices I thought, said and did, and, worse, things important things that I stopped thinking, saying and doing. Today I know that I was also afraid to face my own prejudices”.

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