Inter attacks the main shortage and is already working with an eye on the 2022 squad

The transfer window showed that Internacional is acting within the parameters established by the club. It measures efforts according to their financial capacity and looks for young players who can develop in Beira-Rio. But beyond that, it aims to attack the main lack of Diego Aguirre’s cast and is already working with an eye on 2022.

The priority in the ball market was the arrival of a speed striker. The lack of a more incisive weapon on the sides of the field made the Uruguayan coach change Edenilson’s position and still find it difficult to expand the team’s firepower.

But the first move to add pieces to the team was in this direction, with the arrival of Gustavo Maia, loaned by Barcelona until the end of 2022.

In addition, Colorado also acted in the transfer window anticipating the needs of next season.

In this sense, the arrival of Kaique Rocha will occupy an open space with the departure of Lucas Ribeiro, whose loan contract expires on December 31st and will not be renewed. Another player who may leave the club at the end of the year is Zé Gabriel, who has already been the target of surveys by teams in the United States.

Kaique signed a two-year loan bond. His rights are still linked to Sampdoria, Italy.

Colorado even tried the arrival of a defensive midfielder. Such movement aims at a gap that must be opened with the end of Rodrigo Lindoso’s bond. There is no consensus in the offices of Beira-Rio on the expansion of the 32-year marker, which expires at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, another position that is starting to demand debate is the goal. Marcelo Lomba’s contract expires on December 31, and Colorado is evaluating whether it will try to stay. According to the UOL Sport, there is the understanding that it is necessary to have an experienced goalkeeper at Diego Aguirre’s disposal, at least in times of need.

On the other hand, the undisputed holder is Daniel and the plan is to take advantage of Keiller, who is assigned to Chapecoense, as a member of the group. Recently, Inter broke up with Carlos Miguel and called back Émerson Júnior, who was on loan at Figueirense.