Inter uses creativity and closes most of its reinforcements without spending

Internacional achieved its objective: it strengthened itself using creativity. Facing a reality of financial constraints, Colorado has abused the survey and is heading towards the end of its arrival cycle by spending just three hires, all within budget.

The policy of not wasting is determined by the club’s leadership. Inter has repeated actions to recover financially throughout the year. It has even gone through two actions involving dismissals of employees and review of supplier contracts.

The repeated search for creativity was not limited to external discourse. The best business opportunities required a lot of research in the football department, using mainly the work of the responsible sector, the CAPA (Athletes Analysis and Prospecting Center).

Since the beginning of the season, there have been seven signings. Taison and Gabriel Mercado arrived free of ties with other clubs and only demanded to agree with the players (gloves and salaries). Palacios was the highest investment, bought for US$3 million (R$15.4 million at the current price), paid in installments throughout the year.

Paulo Victor was also purchased, for R$ 6 million, paid in installments over an even longer period than Palacios. Bruno Méndez arrived on loan from Corinthians for R$ 500 thousand – an amount deducted by the release of Nonato from Fluminense, whose cost was identical.

And the last two players announced by Colorado were released by their teams with split salaries and free loans. Gustavo Maia arrived from Barcelona, ​​and Kaique Rocha from Sampdoria.

In other words, Inter always invested money within the budget, abusing installments, in just three contracts. The others were free of charge, and with the division of wages in two cases.

After the closing of the international transfer window, the ball market was very restricted. Although it has watched defensive midfielders, Colorado sees its options diminish for athletes who did not break the limit of games in Brazilian Championship teams, players who dispute Brazil’s lower divisions or who were left without a link during the period in which the window was open.