Investors can transfer inheritance without giving up income

The main advantage of bringing forward the transfer of assets is not leaving the heirs exposed to the risk of having to pay a higher cost for the inheritance.

By ensuring the rate at the time of the state tax charged on inheritances – the ITCMD (Tax on Transmission, Cause of Death and Donation) -, the possibility of increased taxation is avoided, something under discussion in the States after the heavy impact of the pandemic on public accounts .

In the same way, “locks in” a value for the equity, on which most of the costs of the process are levied, including, in addition to the tax, attorney’s fees and notary fees. Thus, any future appreciation of the transferred assets does not enter the heirs’ account.

From a financial point of view, there is also the benefit of reducing the fee paid for opening the inventory – that is, in the process of asset transfer after the death of the owner of the assets -, which can range from almost R$3,000 to R$87 thousand depending on the size of the assets.

The price to be charged by lawyers will vary according to the complexity of the process and the professional hired. But there are offices that offer advice for half the fees charged on inventory.