Is buying in Paraguay the best choice? Cascavelense had ‘headache’ with Apple notebook and sued the company | Rattlesnake

Many residents of cities close to Paraguay go to the neighboring country to buy electronic products with a lower value than those found in the Brazilian market.

However, a rattlesnake who bought an Apple MacBook Pro notebook had a ‘headache’ with this acquisition, so much so that he sued Apple Computer Brasil Ltda. In the action, he asked for compensation for moral and material damages.

On November 7, 2019, the man went to Paraguay, where he bought the product for 17,066,500 guaraníes, with a one-year warranty.

However, the notebook began to show problems, and the observations contained in the service orders, include the consumer’s complaint about the heating of the machine, locks, keys that double and get stuck.

“It remained undisputed that the MacBook Pro device, manufactured by the defendant (Apple), had malfunctions from the start, which led the plaintiff to contact us to request support and repair submission, by sending the product for examination and guarantee,” reported lay judge Priscila Meire Pimenta Miotto.

The ruling cites that the serial manufacturing addiction has affected the brand’s devices around the world.

Therefore, the claim for indemnity for material damage was upheld, and Apple had to refund it in the amount of R$ 10,833.81. The company was also ordered to pay compensation for pain and suffering in the amount of R$3,000.

The decision is still subject to appeal.

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