Isabella Santoni reveals about her endometriosis diagnosis

The 26-year-old actress Isabella Santoni, who is currently on the air in the rerun of ‘Malhação Sonhos’, on TV Globo, used his Instagram this Wednesday (1) to talk to his fans and followers and tell how he was diagnosed with endometriosis in March of this year.

The artist who dates surfer Caio Vaz, said in the report, that she wore copper dies and that she underwent exams every six months, but that she thought it was ‘normal’ to feel ‘a lot of colic’.

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I always had a lot of colic, but I thought it was normal. Then I went to a doctor, and she said that I shouldn’t take the medication I took every month. I had copper IUD, so I was going to have the exam every six months, but the doctor didn’t see that it was out of place, it was perforating the uterus. In addition to endometriosis, I had pain due to the IUD“, said.

And added: “The treatment of endometriosis is not to bleed, and I was very reluctant to do that because I am all natural. I think menstruation is part of the female cycle. I’m going to take the exam tomorrow to see my evolutionary degree. Several doubts arise in my head, such as whether I freeze eggs, continue taking the pill or have the IUD inserted. I’m still understanding about myself, about my process”, he vented.

Isabella Santoni. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a chronic disease that affects women of reproductive age and consists of the presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterus. Endometriosis can vary: from mild symptoms to slightly more painful periods, such as deep endometriosis, which affects other organs.

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