“It doesn’t make sense to extend Aid”, says secretary of Paulo Guedes

The Special Secretary for the Treasury and Budget of the Ministry of Economy, Bruno Funchal, made a controversial statement on Tuesday (31). According to him, it doesn’t make sense to extend the Emergency Aid one more time. He said this at a time when the debate around this issue is growing in Brasília. That’s what the behind-the-scenes information says.

“Emergency aid is not a political choice, it is a need that comes from extraordinary credit for an unpredictability”, said Funchal. According to him, the country’s economy is growing again. In addition, he also argued that the situation of the new coronavirus pandemic in the country is improving.

A few months ago, the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, said in several interviews that the Emergency Aid could undergo a second extension. According to him, this would only happen if the situation of the new coronavirus pandemic continued to be bad. Today, Brazil has been registering a steady drop in Covid-19 numbers. The numbers show.

Anyway, the situation is still far from good. According to information from health departments, the country recorded on Tuesday (31) the death of over 839 citizens in this pandemic. There is also clear concern about the Delta variant issue, which experts say is even more contagious.

There is a movement inside the Planalto Palace that is trying to convince President Jair Bolsonaro to extend the Emergency Aid once again. However, members of the Ministry of Economy are trying to do the opposite. According to them, the best thing to do now is to end the benefit in October.

Emergency Assistance

It is worth remembering that the Federal Government decided not to extend the Emergency Aid last year. At the time, people did not receive the benefit between January and March this year. This happened precisely during the greatest peak of the new coronavirus pandemic in Brazil. The numbers were high.

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Today, according to newspaper reports, members of the Ministry of Citizenship assume that it was a wrong decision. So much so that they themselves decided to return with the benefit payments in the last month of April.

Planalto Palace’s initial idea was to make these new transfers by July. However, they decided to extend the benefit for another three months, thus extending the releases until the next month of October, when the program should come to an end.

New Family Grant

As said, the idea of ​​the Ministry of Citizenship is to end the Emergency Aid in October and start payments for the new Bolsa Família in November. However, this means that fewer people will receive state aid.

Today, according to the Ministry of Citizenship, Emergency Aid and the current version of Bolsa Família together serve around 41 million people. The two projects are expected to come to an end at the same time in October.

The new Bolsa Família, which should debut in November, will not have space for this number of people. In the most optimistic forecasts, Auxílio Brasil, as it will be called, should cover a maximum of 17 million. This means, therefore, that many Brazilians will be left unattended.

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