Jair Renan started a company with the help of a lobbyist in the CPI’s sights

Jair Renan started a company with the help of a lobbyist in the CPI's sights

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Jair Renan Bolsonaro’s company, Bolsonaro Jr Eventos e Mídia, was opened with the help of lobbyist Marconny Albernaz, appointed as one of the intermediaries of Need Medicines, says Folha.

The newspaper had access to Whatsapp conversations between the president’s son and the lawyer. The material was the target of a breach of confidentiality determined by the MP from Pará. Marconny, linked to Need Medicines, would testify to the CPI tomorrow, but alleged health problems.

According to the dialogues, the lobbyist and Jair Renan began to address the issue on September 17, 2020.

“Let’s settle your contract issues!! Worry about it. As I told you, William and I are at your disposal to help you”, wrote Marconny.

“Show, brother. I’ll organize with Allan for us to meet and organize everything”, answered the 04.

On September 22, Marconny asks his lawyer William de Araújo to send him the location of his office to pass on to Jair Renan. On Oct. 11, the lobbyist sends in a story about the opening of Jair Renan’s company and writes: “I went there yesterday. It was cool.”

Three days later, William said: “Renan came here today. I made the certificate. We talked a few things.”

The telephone number registered in the Revenue register as being of Bolsonaro Jr Eventos is the same contact as William de Araújo Falcomer dos Santos’ office.

Jair Renan, Marconny Albernaz, William de Araújo and Need Medicines did not comment on the case.

Frederick Wassef, a lawyer for the Bolsonaro clan, said the president’s 4th son has nothing to do with William. According to Wassef, the lawyer and Jair Renan met at an event in 2019 through a mutual friend. The two would have seen each other rarely in situations such as football matches and public events.

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