Japanese Princess Mako to Marry Commoner, Leaves Royal Family and Moves to US, Says Japanese Press | World

Mako and Kei Komuro hope to get married later this year, without some of the traditional imperial ceremonies. In Japan, it is rare for a family member to marry without imperial protocol.

See below a video of Naruhito’s inauguration as emperor in 2019.

Naruhito becomes emperor and begins the Reiwa era in Japan

Naruhito becomes emperor and begins the Reiwa era in Japan

She must also reject the dowry of up to 150 million yen (more than R$6.7 million) granted to women in the imperial family who abandon their title to marry outside royalty, according to local media.

The versions were not officially confirmed, but made headlines in the Japanese press.

The 29-year-old princess, daughter of Nahurito’s younger brother, Prince Fuhimito Akishino, announced in 2017 her commitment to Kei Komuro, also 29, a lawyer she met at university.

Under the rules of Japan’s imperial succession, Mako will lose the royal title by marrying a commoner.

In addition, Komuro is under investigation by the press after allegations that his mother borrowed money from an ex-fiancé and did not pay it back.

After sensationalist newspapers highlighted the complaint, the young couple became the target of great furor and the two chose to postpone the wedding, initially scheduled for 2018.

Komuro moved to the United States to study law, a move that was considered a way of reducing negative attention.

Prince Akishino said last year that he supports his daughter’s marriage, but she needs to win the support of Japanese public opinion.

Mako is the sister of 14-year-old Prince Hisahito, the only man in line to the throne besides her father.

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