JBL Headset with Mic: Eight Models to Buy in 2021 | Which one to buy?

JBL offers a wide portfolio of headphones with microphone in Brazil. You can find wired or wireless in-ear models, headphones with technologies that promise powerful bass, and gaming headsets with realistic and immersive sound quality. The C50HI, for example, is a simpler headset with a built-in microphone that costs around R$44 on Amazon.

The Tune 500 BT is a more robust headphone with Bluetooth connectivity and can be seen for prices starting at R$ 253. While the Quantum 100, a headset aimed at the gamer audience, requires an investment of approximately R$ 199. list below the selection made by TechAll of JBL headphones with microphone to buy in Brazil in 2021.

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JBL headphones with microphone: the list includes in-ear, over-ear models and even gamer headsets to buy for prices starting at R$ 44 — Photo: Nathalia Duarte/TechTudo

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The C50HI is a simpler, in-ear, wired headset. The model has an in-line microphone, which can also be used to manage incoming calls on Android and iPhone (iOS). According to the manufacturer, the C50HI is a dynamic and light model with 8.6 mm drivers and, despite its small size, it promises good bass response and powerful sound. On Amazon’s website, the headset can be found for prices starting at R$44.

The accessory also comes with three different size rubbers for a better fit in the ears and has a connection via P2 cable.

C50HI is the simplest model on the list, but despite its size it promises powerful sound — Photo: Press Release/JBL

The JBL T110 is also a wired in-ear model. The difference is in its flat cable, which does not curl and does not make knots when it is kept in a pocket or backpack, for example. The headset also has an in-line microphone, plus a universal button that can be used to pause or skip songs, and answer calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. It can be found for around R$89.

The model features 9mm speakers and promises deep, powerful bass with Pure Bass technology. The in-ear headphone also comes with three options of tips for a better fit in the ears, and the P2 output is compatible with cell phones and computers.

JBL T110 black offers promise of audio quality — Photo: Eduardo Manhães/TechTudo

Endurance Run is a headset designed for those who practice sports. The model is resistant to splashing water and sweat. In addition, it has a differentiated and ergonomic design, promising a firm fit in the ears without hurting or causing inconvenience. The earpiece, which is in-ear and has 8.2mm drivers, has a wired connection, which can also be placed behind the ears to ensure even more safety while running. The model can be purchased for prices starting from R$ 140.

The headset also has an in-line microphone, which can be used to answer hands-free calls. With the integrated button, it is also possible to activate the cell phone voice assistants through the handset. In addition, the in-ear model comes with three rubbers for a better fit in the ears.

JBL Endurance Run offers minimalist look and advanced features — Photo: Press/JBL

The Quantum 100 is an over-ear headset aimed at the gaming audience. The model features an ergonomic design, with an adjustable headband and leather-covered shells and memory foam, which promise a more comfortable fit for the ears. You can find the Quantum 100 for prices starting at R$199 and the model is available in black, white and blue.

With 40mm drivers, the model promises high sound quality, ensuring more immersive and realistic sound environments. In addition, the Quantum 100 features a detachable microphone, which is equipped with technologies such as echo and noise cancellation, ensuring interference-free communication during gaming sessions. The model is compatible with the surround sound system, and its P2 input is compatible with computers, cell phones and video games.

JBL Quantum 100 is a headset aimed at the gamer audience that brings an ergonomic design — Photo: Playback/JBL

The JBL Tune 500 BT is an over-ear headphone with built-in microphone and Bluetooth connection. The model has a lightweight, ergonomic design with a flexible, padded headband and soft-covered ear cushions. The model can be found for prices starting at R$ 255 and is available in white, black and blue.

The headphone also features a foldable design, making it easy to carry. With 32mm drivers and fast loading, the Tune 500BT promises powerful sound with Super Bass technology and multipoint connection to access it from a variety of devices. The accessory features a built-in microphone and a control button on one of the shells.

JBL Tune 500BT is an over-ear headphone that features a folding design and ear covering — Photo: Nathalia Duarte/TechTudo

The Tune 115TWS headset is a wireless in-ear model that is connected via Bluetooth. The model comes with a charging case that is also used to store the headphones. According to the manufacturer, the Tune 115TWS has a autonomy of 21 hours, being 6 hours in the headphones and 15 in the case. It takes about 15 minutes to complete a charge. The price is close to R$ 299.

The model has an integrated microphone, which can be used to trigger the smartphone’s virtual assistants. With 5.8mm drivers, the headphones promise powerful bass with Super Bass technology. Dual Connect lets you choose one of the headphones or both to connect to the cell phone’s Bluetooth. It comes with three different size tips for a better fit on the ears.

The JBL Tune 115TWS has a autonomy of 21 hours and can complete a charge in 15 minutes — Photo: Publicity/JBL

The Quantum 300 is a headset focused on the gaming audience that promises high sound quality and gaming immersion. Ergonomically designed, it features coated adjustable headbands and memory foam-padded shells, promising a more comfortable fit for the ears even during longer gaming sessions. Consumers need to pay R$338 to purchase the product.

With 50mm drivers, the model promises realistic sound quality, offering competitive sound advantage over opponents. In addition, the model also has a directional microphone that promises clear communication during gaming sessions. The Quantum 300 is compatible with several platforms, as it has a P2 cable or USB connection.

JBL Quantum 300 promises realistic sound quality and guarantees competitive advantage over opponents during games — Photo: Publicity/JBL

Reflect Flow features an ergonomic design, promising a customizable fit for your ears. The model has no wires, has a Bluetooth connection and is also resistant to water and sweat. Therefore, it can be a good option for those who usually practice outdoor activities. With autonomy of up to 30 hours, 10 in the headphones and 20 in the charging case, Reflect Flow also allows quick charging in 10 minutes. This option can be found for prices starting at R$ 699.

The model has a built-in microphone and a button that lets you access virtual assistants and control headphone playback without taking your cell phone out of your pocket. With 5.8mm drivers, Reflect Flow promises high sound quality.

JBL Reflect Flow can offer up to ten hours of playback — Photo: Disclosure/JBL

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