Jimin and Jungkook come together and the web goes wild: “Beautiful”

On September 1st, Jungkook from BTS is completing 24 years of life. However, it was the ARMYs who got the gift! Jimin posted a photo beside his friend to congratulate him. So, on Twitter, fans raised the hashtag “beautiful”.

This may seem like a little to outsiders, but fans went crazy. Any interaction between the boys outside of work for them is everything.

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(Photo: Reproduction)

Web goes crazy with “kiss” between BTS’s Jimin and Jungkook

It is not new that fans love to ship their idols, creating fanfics and rooting for supposed dating. Often, however, they create real theories to defend their views. It turns out that there is a crowd on the web for the shipper “Jikook”, the name given to the supposed couple formed by Jimin and Jungkook, members of the BTS.

And now, the Twitter profile @my_goldenjk97, released a video that set the hearts of “Jikook” aflame. The reason? Well, they ALMOST had a kiss, and it was Jimin who took the initiative.

(Photo: Reproduction)

The excerpt is part of the group’s new DVD, “BTS Memories of 2020”, which brings together the best moments of the group from last year.

Fans who ship the alleged couple were elated with the registration. “The jikook couple threw a big, wonderful ‘FUCK YOU’ to society AAAAAHHHH my couple”, celebrated an internet user. “I’M PASSING MALLLL”, joked another. “THE VEMMMM OUTBREAK”, said one more.

Is “Jikook” real?

Many admirers of the group root for a romance between the two. A Latin fan even created a 30-minute long video with supposed evidence that the singer and dancer had been dating for years.

Spoken in Spanish, the video presents a theory based especially on a special date: November 8th. Since 2015, Jimin and Jungkook publish videos together on social networks when this date arrives. Fans suspect that this date is the alleged couple’s dating anniversary. In addition, there are several videos and clicks of the two artists in affectionate scenes. Such records may only indicate a loving friendship, but some of the fans believe it means something more.

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Jimin and Jungkook, it’s worth remembering, are from the same city, Busan, and are rumored to know each other before being cast in BTS.

Fans claim that Jimin has already stated that if he were a girl, he would like to date Jungkook.

(Photo: Reproduction)