Joelma makes a controversial statement about Ximbinha and shocks fans

Joelma moved the web with the announcement of the tour “That’s Calypso”.

Many thought she would return with the full band, including the participation of her ex-husband, Ximbinha.

Because of this, Joelma made a point of explaining the project and his statement sparked controversy. “Back with the ex? I prefer death! Back with my band. This project is 100% mine”, mentioned the singer.

According to information from Joelma’s advisors, the new project has nothing to do with the name of the old band. The tour with dancers and the artist’s band is expected to start touring Brazil in March 2022.

Declaration made Ximbinha angry

The Rio newspaper Extra published a note by instrumentalist Ximbinha about Joelma’s new tour. “By court order, the brand can only be used if the two partners are together”, says the musician’s statement.

“This way, the Band could only return to its original formation, and not just by one of the artists”, complements the statement.

It is noteworthy that Joelma, however, intends to use the name “That’s Calypso” for his tour, and not Banda Calypso.

It is also worth remembering that Joelma started the band Calypso with Ximbinha, in 1999. With the end of the union of the two in 2015, they stopped the project. Since then, the fight for the brand continues in court, and until it is resolved, neither of the two can use the band’s name.

Calypso is an Afro-Caribbean musical style that emerged in Trinidad and Tobago in the 19th century. The style, along with Jamaican chin and US jump blues in the mid-1950s, influenced the rise of ska.


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