Journalist requested arrest for post about Messi’s wife

Last Wednesday, 01, Venezuela’s Attorney General, Tarek Saab, called for the arrest and indictment of a Venezuelan journalist for “symbolic violence and promotion of hatred”, accusing him of having retweeted and commented on an obscene publication directed at Antonella Roccuzzo, wife of Lionel Messi.

Venezuelan journalist Fernando Petrocelli retweeted a follower’s comment that mentioned an offensive song that fans should sing in the stadium for today’s game. The message contains a sexual connotation of the Internet user against the Argentine team directly attacking Antonella.

Petrocelli posted the tweet and suggested a new version for the lyrics. Instead of “Messi Messi is fine, you’re an ace but Antonella will suck us all,” he changed the final part to “and with Antonella we’ll all enjoy”.

After this situation, the attorney general himself posted on his Twitter that he had requested the journalist’s arrest.

After all the repercussions, Petrocelli deleted the tweet and apologized. “I deeply regret that my comment yesterday offended the ladies, whom I always respected at all times. I offer my sincere apologies. I was referring to the songs that exist in Argentina. I was wrong. them.”

Venezuela and Argentina face off today, in Caracas, at 9 pm (GMT), for the South American Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. The match will have the presence of an audience at the stadium.