Juliette breaks pre-save record in Brazil with first EP

Four months away from BBB21, Juliette Freire releases her first EP this Thursday night (2), at 9 pm, but she already has more than 600 thousand pre-saves on digital platforms, which guarantees her a new national record . Data from Virgin Music Brasil, the label responsible for the release, show that more than 222,000 pre-saves were made on Spotify, 10 times more than the previous one, Doce 22, by Luísa Sonza.

Pre-save is a tool offered by record companies so that users automatically receive music releases in their library, as soon as they are on air. Juliette’s EP features Bença, Diferença Mara, Doce, Sei Lá, Benzin and Vixe que Gostoso.

With six new songs, Juliette’s debut in music is developed by a team that unites in the production and composition of musicians from the state of Paraíba and other names already known for great successes in the Brazilian scene.

Juliette’s release

On Instagram, the ex-BBB has been sharing the backstage of the new project. “Singing, I perceive myself and find myself in this enchantment. Here I am, undressed for you. I let go of all my facets to take on what I most want. To be Juliette, simply and purely Juliette. And I put everything I am and want to be in my corner.”

“He carries my story and my brands. May the words bring lightness as they covered me with peace. I surrender on a road that I have never set foot on and the first steps of this walk are wings that I gained along with you. I invite you to fly with me!”, he wrote in a recent post.