Justice breaks the confidentiality of 26 people linked to Carlos Bolsonaro

The breach of banking and tax secrecy authorized by the Rio courts, on May 24 of that year, affected not only Councilor Carlos Bolsonaro, from Republicanos, but also 26 other people. The list includes people who worked in the cabinet at the Rio de Janeiro City Council and people who have a connection with the congressman.

The investigation by the State Public Ministry of Rio tries to find evidence of the practice known as “rachadinha”, which consists in withholding part of the salaries of commissioned employees. Practice considered illegal.

Carlos is serving his sixth term as councilor in Rio de Janeiro. His brother, Flávio Bolsonaro, who is now a senator, is investigated for the same practice when he was still a state deputy in Rio de Janeiro. The two investigations are under wraps. In the case of Flávio, the process was interrupted when he became a senator of the Republic and gained privileged jurisdiction. Information about the extent of the breach of confidentiality was confirmed by CNN with people linked to the investigation.

The president’s son, who occupies an office in the City Council, has not yet been denounced in this inquiry. The defense said it didn’t even have access to a copy of the case. Carlos Bolsonaro afirmou em sua conta no twitter que os fatos revelados são velhos e que a investigação não chegou em lugar nenhum, sem citar diretamente o processo.

“In the absence of new facts, they rehash the old ones that obviously didn’t get anywhere and change the packaging to push the narrative forward. The losers, frustrated at not being what they always were, could only manipulate and lie. It’s what they accuse the most and what they do the most!” published the councilor.