Larissa Bonesi talks about Caio Castro and says he suffers death threats

Larissa Bonesi, a Brazilian actress who lives in India, clarified her relationship with Caio Castro, guaranteed that it was not the reason for the separation between the actor and Grazi Massafera, and revealed that she was receiving death threats. In an interview with “Fofocalizador” (SBT), she assured that she already had a brief affair with Caio, but that it happened when he was still single.

“We stayed together for a couple of months, here in Brazil. And then I came back to India, I always come to Brazil, I stay for a month or two and then I come back to India. In these comings and goings, that’s when I found with him, we had a relationship, but we’re friends. That’s one thing I wanted to make clear: we’re friends,” said Larissa.

She says that after Caio started dating Grazi, the two lost contact. And she was shocked when she discovered rumors that she was being singled out as the reason for the couple’s separation.

“I freaked out. I said: ‘I can’t see this’. Because I wasn’t at a time for any reason or pivot… I would never put myself in a situation like this or promote myself in a situation like this. Even because I don’t have anything in Brazil, I’ve always lived my life abroad,” continued the Bollywood star.

“It’s something that happened so long ago, why would it now come out of nowhere? When they started to spread other things, I said: ‘Oh my God, how evil’. Because it hurt me a lot and it hurt my family a lot,” he said . She revealed that, since then, she has been receiving threats: “The messages I’m getting… there are people saying that if I go out on the street, they’ll kill me. I’m getting messages like: ‘I know where you are, stay smart’. So I can’t leave the apartment.”

“I have nothing to do with this separation, I was not the pivot of anything, there was no betrayal, there were no exchanges of messages. These things you are talking about are pure lies. I didn’t come to Brazil to see you, that’s not it exists. I didn’t keep in touch in the way they’re talking,” reinforced the actress.