Larissa Manoela suffers from endometriosis: ‘Living in pain’

Larissa Manoela discovered that she has endometriosis and promoted a live on her Instagram to make her followers aware of having a “check up” on their health and be informed about the possibility of having the disease, as many women do not discover the problem. The actress, who maintains a training routine and a healthy life, also vented about pain caused by endometriosis and was grateful for having learned with a specialized doctor during the live on Tuesday (31).

“Like [a live] it was special, what a class by Dr. Claudio. It’s all still very new for me, I’m discovering. But the most important thing about me sharing and opening something so personal in my life was knowing that I can inspire other women to also do deep research, and save and give quality of life to these women,” said André’s new girlfriend Luiz Frambach, in Instagram stories.

The actress also highlighted the consequences of the disease, which attacks the uterus. “Because, really, living with pain… [é ruim] and anyone who has endometriosis, or thinks he has it, knows what it’s like to live with it. So if a woman who is me has been able to inspire with this live, she transforms for me, it becomes much more special than this whole process of discovery, of learning,” she added.

Larissa Manoela confesses scare after discovering endometriosis: ‘Dream of being a mother’

On the live with her doctor specialized in the subject, Dr. Claudio Crispi, Larissa Manoela celebrated the fact that she discovered early on that she was suffering from the disease, and that she was already undergoing treatment. She even revealed how she felt when she found out she had the problem. “It scared me, because one of my biggest dreams is to be a mother, so thank God I found out at the beginning and got it in the initial state,” she said.

“It’s important to take the initial stage, because it’s an inflammatory disease, autoimmune right, you against yourself, so it’s important to have support, a treatment,” explained the actress. She revealed that the first question she asked the doctor about the disease was whether she could have children in the future.

The doubt is quite common among women who suffer from the disease, as in the case of Barbara Evans, who goes through the in vitro fertilization process to get pregnant for the first time. The doctor answered the actress in the affirmative, making her happy with the possibility of having as many children as she wants.

Larissa Manoela vents about the disease: ‘We are never prepared to receive the diagnosis’

Another question that appeared between the actress – who said she had a history of cancer in the family, after the death of her grandmother by a cyst in her breast and removal of benign nodules in her mother’s breast – and followers was whether the disease is hereditary. The doctor then replied that endometriosis is not genetic, but is familial. In other words, there are more chances for a person to develop it if they already have a history among their relatives.

Earlier, at the beginning of the chat with the doctor, the actress was committed to spreading information about the treatment of the disease to her followers. She said that she is grateful to represent so many young people from her audience and thanked all the loving messages she receives daily.

“I feel, in a way, very responsible and very grateful to be ahead of these guys who are the future of our generation, who grew up with me and somehow I can repay the affection I receive every day,” she said, quoted in web after separation from ex-boyfriend, João Guilherme and jade picon.

She also said that it feels good to share her experience. “[É bom compartilhar] how it affected me, because, in fact, it is a disease and we are never prepared to receive a diagnosis of something”, reflected the actress.