Laura and Mirella are nominated for Ilha Record’s latest Survival Challenge – RecordTV

Laura Keller and Mirella Gêmea Lacação were nominated for sixth Survival Challenge gives Island Record. The last vote for the reality show took place this Wednesday night (1st).

Now, the duo is fighting for a place in the Vila. Whoever loses will go straight to Exile.

Before voting began, the Exiles interfered in the game and chose Valesca to have double voting power.

As Commander of the Esmeralda Team, Winner of the Team Trial, Pyong was given the assignment to nominate an explorer to face the Survival Challenge. The artist chose Laura.

As an advantage of winning the Team Trial, the members of the Esmeralda team were able to vote for any of the explorers. The Rubi Team had to vote only among themselves.

In the dynamics of Island Record, explorers vote anonymously. So Laura was the first to accompany Sabrina Sato and place the stone in Pyong’s name. The other participants proceeded with the vote in the same way, choosing and justifying the vote.

With two stones in hand, Valesca gave a long speech before also putting them in the name of Pyong Lee.

Thus, the vote was tied between Pyong Lee and Mirella, each with three votes. As Commander, the artist decided to place the Twin Sealing in the Evidence Arena.

Laura duels against Mirella in Survival Challenge this Thursday (2).

The reality show airs from Monday to Friday, starting at 10:45 pm; and on Saturdays, at 11 pm, on the screen of Record TV.

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